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Your Get What You Pay For

June 20, 2012


You Get What You Pay For

Ever heard that one?

So let’s go back in time… back to a time when what we created and produced had substance instead of built-in obsolescence, was made with pride instead of technology, was created with pride instead of hype.

Personally I love to record the TV shows I want to watch just so I can fast forward through the pesky commercials. But there are those precious moments when I fast forward through the shows just so I can watch the commercials because I like to count how many of the ads try to sell me on the lowest price or how much I can save or how much better a deal is with this product compared to that product.

I want to see if the advertiser isn’t so afraid of the dollar conscious (brain washed) consumer that the company is proudly portraying its product(s) with pride of workmanship and quality, not knocking the competition to make themselves appear better or less expensive. And, not surprisingly, very few companies take the high road.

The problem is now pandemic. The consciousness that pervades almost all aspects of our consumer mentality is… “find the best deal, save money”. The concept of value and benefits for their own sake seem not only to be downplayed, but indeed discouraged. Loyalty has been abandoned. Honesty lies bleeding in the arms of a dying integrity.

And the worst part is that if I promised to treat you with honesty and integrity, and to provide you with service and caring, would you believe me? WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PAY ME FOR THIS? Seriously… do honesty, integrity, service, caring, quality, value, loyalty, pride, workmanship… have any value? Are they worth something?

Have you experienced or heard of someone who signed up with an e-insurance or low rate insurance company and had a miserable time collecting from them?

Have you bought a coffee maker or bread machine or electric drill or television or cell phone from a discount store and a non-brand name because the “deal” was too good to pass up and had to replace it within months. How did that feel?

Have you had to replace a roof or furnace and for a cash deal you got the discount and saved on the HST only to curse the fly-by-nighter who gave you inferior quality product with less than professional workmanship and non-existent warranty?

How was the lawyer who made you promises, took your money and dumped you?

How was the real estate agent who charged you almost nothing to represent you in the sale or purchase of your most valued possession, and left you with a mess, or worse, a disaster to deal with and live with?

What’s the value of value? What is trust worth? What price for peace of mind?

Is “QUALITY” an endangered species? I know it hasn’t disappeared entirely because I still see it. I can find it. I have to look hard, but I can find it.

The cost of finding “Quality” is worth every penny.

Sam Green

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