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Limiting Beliefs

June 20, 2012


When we make decisions, are we operating from a fear of failure or a fear of success?

I must admit that I usually have no problem making decisions. I can also admit that my philosophy in life has always been that as long as I know what the rules are, I am willing to play. If I don’t know the rules, I have little chance of winning, so I elect not to play. After all, why get in the game if you have little or no chance of winning?

And if I opt to play, I expect to win. So, do I have a fear of failure? No, I don’t. Do I have a fear of success? That’s another matter altogether. How do these two concepts exist in a mutually exclusive universe named Sam Green?

So, here’s the deal… I am a realtor and an office manager/career coach/mentor/recruiter for Re/Max West Realty Inc. I meet a lot of real estate sales people thinking about joining a brand/office to start their career in real estate or think about switching from their current brand to another brand.

Since Re/Max is the most recognized and arguably the most successful brand in the world, and since I have a proven track record  of successfully launching someone’s career as well as elevating someone’s career to much higher levels, one would suspect that the decision to join me would be fairly easy, fairly predictable. But this is not necessarily so.

I often encounter statements like, “I am not an aggressive person, (or I am not sure I can compete) and I’ve heard that Re/Max agents are…”

So, it’s perception… to a point.

Why would someone choose a Kia instead of a Mercedes? Obviously cost is one factor. But the reason there are so many car brands, and within each brand there are so many different models within each brand is that the suit must fit. If it does not seem to suit me, I will not buy it. Fair statement?

So it’s not always about the money. More often, (it being an emotional decision), it’s about personal tastes, personal preferences. Fair statement?

So, what’s at play in the decision making process?

I think a lot of it has to do with limiting beliefs. We all have some degree of attitude or belief that governs our decision making. We all make decisions on what we believe will work for us. Is it based on a fear of failure? (Do we believe that if it will not work for us, we will fail?) Or is it based on a fear of success?

This is a lot more complicated. How can we recognize that perhaps we are afraid of succeeding?

Here’s a thought…

If you find yourself saying to someone or even to yourself, “I don’t need to earn that much more money”, or “I don’t want to work that hard”, or “I don’t have the time or the energy to commit to this”, or any other seeming excuse, you are probably justifying why you can’t see yourself succeeding.

Sound too easy?

Then let me present you with this.

If I told you that you wouldn’t have to spend more money, wouldn’t have to work harder, wouldn’t be investing more time, wouldn’t have to expend more energy, and could earn more money that you would find a use for if you tried… would you be willing to put one foot in front of the other and take a step toward succeeding? Or would you come up with another excuse for why you don’t need to succeed for fear of failing?

So, which is it? Fear of failure or fear of success?

Which limiting belief has you so handcuffed that you are not willing to find the key to unlock your restraints and free yourself to enjoy the joys of living free?

Believe this… if you don’t believe you will succeed, you will surely succeed at failure.

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Sam Green

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